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some notes

His dad said, "There is another me. You must find him underground."
It's the WWI soldier he forgot he was, and the prince who was a swan/raven before that. As a prince he had one wing for an arm, but before he became a soldier, he cut it off and had a mechanical arm made, which he's since lost once again. The Boy goes to him in the underworld for advice. The advice is usually bad and he's supposed to do the opposite of whatever the soldier tells him. The trick is figuring out whether the advice is bad this time or not.

Sometimes his mother sends him telegrams. They're usually left in dated envelopes with people he encounters.

His mom was one of the twelve dancing princesses. So possibly he has a lot of cousins somewhere out there.

He is in mostly-platonic love with "Rose" (Candy). Their relationship is not brother-sister in the slightest. However, she has grown quite a bit (she was already emotionally older than he was) and he is still fifteen, so that is altering the dynamic.

Sometimes he has heard of famous fictional characters such as Constantine, not because he really truly exists in the Vertigo comics universe, but because he hears about them from dead people he talks to in the underworld. It depends how infamous they are. Constantine is pretty infamous.

Technically, this arrangement is a curse. Due to his lineage, he's pretty susceptible to curses. But then again, the current curse he's under is so big, so encompassing, that it's difficult for lesser or similar curses to take root. He can't be made to fall asleep for a hundred years until someone breathes on his face because he's already stagnating and fixed in place, for instance. You might be able to give him a wart, though.

This doesn't make him impervious to magic or powers. But the Boy is a minor magician himself.

He takes medication to keep his acne under control.

You could put food in his mouth and make him chew and swallow, but he would only taste ashes, and it wouldn't do anything for him. On the other hand, he can taste gum, mints, cigarettes, and various forms of alcohol, and if he drinks too much, he will get drunk. His tolerance is that of a hardboiled detective because of the curse, however, not a typical fifteen year old's.

Sometimes he wears reading glasses, but he doesn't actually need them. The lenses have a weak prescription but are spelled to enhance his second sight. Without them, he perceives only hints about his environs or the entities he encounters.

He has a little piece of the mirror they used to kill Candy's dad stuck in his stomach. It doesn't do anything yet because of the curse, but if the curse ever ends, it will activate.